Monday, December 28, 2009


Our wish is that everyone make the most of 2010, giving and caring that little bit more than we did last year. At this time of year we often make New Year's Resolutions in hopes that we can change or improve on things in our lives. Some wish to quit smoking, others to lose weight. Many of us strive to be a little bit better than we have been in previous years.

We are asking that people share their resolutions with all of us. Who knows? It might just inspire us to try something new. Just what is it that you would like to do differently in 2010? Your name isn't necessary...just your initials, or you may even remain anonymous. You may post your suggestions here or email Thackeray or even stop by the library and fill out a sheet there. We welcome responses from people of all ages. Check back in from time to time and see what other people would like to change.

Here's just a few things that Thackeray and I would like to improve on:
Read more books.
Get organized.
Be a little nicer.
Cut back on snacks.
Pray more.
Be patient.

How do you want to change?


  1. Those are great things to work on Thackeray!

    I plan on:

    * Reading a broader range of books, blogs and magazines
    * Exercising more
    * Eating out less
    * Spending at least 30 minutes outside every day

  2. Listen more and talk less.

  3. Kill all the Mices!!

  4. Mice are lovable!!

  5. Only joking!!

  6. Make a memory quilt for my senior girl.
    Finish the scrapbooking for my senior girl.
    Do the Spring Into Reading challenge.
    Garden again-grow pumpkins, too.
    Walk 300 miles (I did it last year!)
    Do 2 Bible Reading challenges.
    Visit a state or 2 I've never been to.
    (Goal is to eventually get to all 50!)
    Bake more bread!