Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thackeray's Review

The book I am going to review this month is Twilight. I have been hearing all the hype about this book, the movies etc., I decided that I just had to read it for myself. Boy am I glad I did. It pulled me in on the first few pages and kept its grip through the whole book, I couldn't put it down. Its a love story. Yes I know not another love story, but this is different. Its a love story involving Edward, a vampire and Bella, a human. Bella starts a new school in the middle of the year. Edward is a loner, not one to make friends. He is drawn to her, can't stay away from her... why you ask? Well for the answer you will just have to read it yourself. We have a copy here in the library, in the junior section, but adults would like it too.


  1. Do you find this a contraversial book for the young Christian reader? I let my kids read Harry Potter and none want to live Harry's life...
    Are people just afraid you will go over to the 'dark side' if you read it??

  2. I have not had any controversy on this book. Maybe because the older readers are reading it and not the regular junior readers. I have read Harry Potter but years ago there were many parents who would not allow their children to read it. I look at it as a personal preference. I have noticed that there has not been any resistance from parents as of late for the Harry Potter series.