Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thackeray's Friends From Around the World!

I am sooooo excited! Postcards and cards have been coming in from everywhere. These are the folks I've heard from so far...
From Florida - Karen H., Shirlee & Mel and an unknown with a panther on the front.
From Ripley, NY - Robyn A., and R.C.W., and Roger & Marge said hello plus I heard from my feline friends Contesssa Marie, Lavinia Joy and Taffy.
From Sherman, NY - a wonderful card from Shellie W.
From Rochester, NY - an unsigned postcard with Harry Houdini on the front.
From Pittsburgh, PA - Melissa D.
From Eugene, OR - Lori B sent me a picture of a cat after taking a bath!
From Perth, Australia - Wendy and Bill
From Mayville, NY - Buddy the library dog and finally
From Elyria, OH - some very creative, original postcards from my school friends: Max B.,
Jayna P., Chira E., Abbey S., Anna A., Trinity M., Bryanna N., Paco L., Mason R., Ryley S.,
Ashley M., Connor, Emily G., and Tristan P.
Great work everyone! Please ask your friends, neighbors and family members to write. Tell me what your favorite book is or just send a line to say hello! Write to: Thackeray, c/o Ripley Free Library, P.O. Box 808, Ripley, NY 14775


  1. Hello Thackeray!

    I am student teaching at Westfield Academy and Central School in Mrs. Belcher's fifth grade class. We have made post cards about our favorite movies and books for you to read. We will have them in the mail next week. We hope to hear back from you. All of the students say, "HI!" and they are wondering what kind of cat food you eat. Thank you!

    Miss Cicero

  2. How exciting! I am looking forward to hearing from all of the students in your class. The librarian gives me some indoor cat food that tastes pretty good. Can't wait to receive your messages!