Tuesday, February 8, 2011

See Who's in Thackeray's Mail Bag Now!

Wow! Wait 'til you see who's been writing to me this time! Pearl D. in Silver Creek, NY (let me know how you're (Kitty) made out, Dorothy in Chautauqua County, Daniel & Gladys H. from Westfield, NY, Nikki, Mari, Lucas and Paliani in Rochester, NY, Donna L. in Chehalis, WA, Gloria D. in Dover, NH, Janet in Hana Hawaii, ...Minnie Mouse in Clearwater, FL, Dottie, Jack and Scruffy in Florida, Spaz and Gracie who live with Charlie and Justin, Jim, Nici, Lynn, Zoey, Coco, Chloe and Lucy, Joan and Pete K., Hope (for the previous 3 sets the address is unknown), and to all my friends from Garfield NJ - Stephanie, Dominic, Sora, Allison, Adriana, Andrew, Sebastion, Paula, a 9th grade student?, Hannah, Michael,Tammy, and Melissa and just in this morning a post card from Paris, France.Can you believe it! Please keep telling your friends to tell their friends, etc. Talk to school teachers, church groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Quilting Groups. Tell everyone and thanks so much to everyone who has sent something... already! Keep it Up!!

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