Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

the Library Cat
Thackeray will be celebrating his birthday next week on Friday, June 22nd. He will be 11 years old! Please stop by the library for some cake and wish him a happy birthday. (He loves to receive cards in the mail if you'd like to send one!)

In case you didn't know, Thackeray has lived at the library since he was just a kitten.  He loves to greet people, sit in the sun, stand in front of the computer monitors, ask questions, find interesting quotes and just chat on Facebook, plus he writes an occassional book review on our library blog.  He loves to read, entertain the knitters group and just be lazy.

Thackeray doesn't like to be picked up or chased, but he really loves it when children check out books.  We love having him here at the library!

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